Intro to Essential oils

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Essential Oil

Essential Oils are awesome. I love my essential oils. Throughout the years I have used them for many different purposes.

I have used them in my bath for relaxing and clearing my energy. I have used them for getting rid of warts, cleaning, bug repellent, and the list goes on. Today I will share a little of the basics on essential oils.

Here are a few questions that we will cover in this intro.

What is an essential oil?
How do I use oils?
Why is this important to me?

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are all plant-based and found in nature. They protect plants, give them their distinctive smells, and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants, essential oils have also long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices. In essence, they are oils extracted from plants that possess certain chemical properties that we can put to our use.

How do I use oils?

Here are a few ways that I have used essential oils.
  1. Help for Wart removal – This is a very simple method to help get rid of the nasty warts.  You will need Thyme oil and duck tape. Cut a piece of duct tape into a size that you can stick over the wart. Put two drops of thyme oil directly on the wart and cover with the duct tape. Go to bed and when you wake up take the tape off. Do this every morning and evening. This worked great for me and a few people I know have tried it with success. In addition, I’d like to add that this could take one to two weeks.
  2. Peppermint and Rosemary insect spray – Here is a recipe I used for my garden to repel insects on my tomatoes and on my peppers and other plants that I have on my patio. This has worked very well.


Spray Bottle 32 oz

Peppermint Oil 10 drops

Rosemary Oil 10 drops

Put 10 drops of each oil into bottle and fill with water. Also make sure you shake it up each time before use because the oils and water can separate . Spray on your plants to repel the bugs.

    3. Relaxing Aromatherapy – Here is a recipe I use in my diffuser. It is very calming and great for relaxing.


Vetiver  Oil 2 drops

Cedar-wood Oil 2 drops

Lavender Oil 2 drops

Put this combination in your Diffuser and relax.

Why is this important to me?

Plants have been used by ancient civilizations for things like aromatherapy, personal care, health care practices, religious ceremonies, beauty treatments, and food preparation.

Now you ask why is this important to me? Well for me there are many benefits of essential oils. I have used them in many areas in my life from balancing emotions to keeping bugs off my plants. I feel that choosing more natural ways of healing and living we can live much less toxic lives and bring more balance to our environment.

If you use essential oils tell us some ways you have had success using them. We would love to hear.

Also if you need essential oils you can get them here.

Have a beautiful evening.


Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Relaxing

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